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Welcome and thanks for visiting my site! My
name is Dawn Lowe and I am a teacher and
student of

I invite you to my studio to give this amazing
yoga a try! It is a set series of poses done
in a room heated to 95-105 degrees with 35-
40% humidity. The heat and humidity allows
your body to stretch and flex like never

If you have never given hot yoga a try, don’t
let the heat deter you. It is a great workout
for advanced yogis and beginners alike.
Each pose is taken to your own edge, not
the teacher’s, not the student next to you.
Everyone can benefit from doing yoga, from
couch potatoes to athletes.

And speaking of athletes -- did you know
yoga can help runners get
fitter and faster?
Check out a recent article from Runner's
here. I am a runner myself, and so
are many of my students.
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